Upcoming Workshops!

Upcoming Workshops!

So much is happening the month of January in our Wellness Studio.  Find a workshop that interests you!  Reserve your space at http://mattapoisettwellness.com/wellness-studio/ and click on workshops!

Relax and Paint Night (Jan 14, 2018)

Treat yourself to a peaceful session of acrylic painting. Even if you have never painted, allow our host, Sheryl Casmira, a local art instructor of 18 years, to guide you through a step by step painting experience and enjoy a few hours of relaxing fun.

Self – Myofacial Release Workshop using Foam Roller and the P-knot (Jan 16, 2018 thru Apr 03, 2018)

In this workshop you will: Find multiple stretching techniques to use the foam roll and P-knot for recovery before and after vigorous workouts. Bring your own foam roller or p-knot to class. Some rolls and p-knot will be provided and for sale.

CBD Self Care Session (Jan 17, 2018)

In this workshop, we will focus on hemp-derived cannabidiol (CBD). We will talk about what CBD is, and it’s unique non-psychoactive role in the hemp and cannabis plants.

Yoga and Sound Healing (Jan 19, 2018 thru Mar 23, 2018)

Join Keri Cusson and Justin Perreault for Yoga and Sound Healing. This class will combine movement and sound for a full mind/body/soul experience!

2018 Gratitude and Manifestation Workshop (Jan 20, 2018)

This interactive workshop blends the elements of creativity, reflection and mindfulness as we set positive intentions for the upcoming year – 2018! All participants will create a gratitude jar to be used throughout the year.

Active Isolated Stretching (Self Care) Workshop (Jan 27, 2018 thru Jan 28, 2018)

The 2 day workshop involves exact details of how to safely lengthen muscles and fascia simutaneously maintaining a physiologically based agonist-antagonist relationship.