Reiki with Jennifer Risio 

Jennifer began her holistic journey with energy healing many years before receiving her Reiki Certification(s). As a yoga teacher and student she has felt a deep magnetism to her students, […]

Acupuncture and Alternative Health with Julie Hatch, LAc.,NP – Acupuncturist

Happy Spring! I am returning to Massachusetts after 3 fabulous months in the Virgin Islands practicing acupuncture out of my island office.  I am back at Mattapoisett Wellness Center and […]

Homeopathy with Kristina Buckley – Homeopathic Consultant

Our bodies carry so much of what we experience in our lives on a daily basis: stress, anxiety, grief, injury, environmental toxins, etc. All of these stressors manifest in symptoms […]

The Heart of Healing – Justin Perreault, ABT,CMT – Asian Bodywork and Alternative Therapies

Over the years I’ve had a number of people comment on my being a “Healer”. I’m always quick to let them know that though I’m a healer, I am no […]

Thawing Out with Dana Massi LMHC, LADAC

I was in the yard the other day. The other day when the sun felt like it could really warm the air for the first time this year. I stopped […]

Homeopathy with Kristina White & Alix Lopes – Homeopathic Consultants

Homeopathy is a form of holistic health care which looks at the whole individual not just the symptoms. It was developed in Germany over two hundred years ago by Samuel […]

Reflexology with Lori Howes of Gentle Soles

Discover a sense of well-being for body, mind, and spirit. Through personal experience with  Yoga and Reflexology I have realized the benefits of stress reduction in achieving balance and health […]

Why Go To Therapy? Insight from Pamela B. Lacerda, LICSW

How often have you heard someone say “I don’t need therapy, there’s nothing wrong with me!” I hear it often, so I’d like to introduce myself and hopefully answer the […]

Southcoast Halotherapy

Also known as Dry Salt Therapy Halotherapy is an effective, natural and drug-free way to reduce stress and improve your health as well as reducing symptoms from many respiratory and skin conditions […]

Physical Therapy with Kim Meyer-Pelletier

Holistic Physical Therapy for Every Body Holistic physical therapy is recognizing that the body is, in fact, a series of connections.  The neck connects to the back in a series […]