Why “BUSY” is a Four Letter Word by Jessica Webb, owner, Anchor Yoga and Meditation

In the last few years, I have been trying to use the word ‘busy’ less frequently. I even have a swear jar for it.

When anyone asks me how I am I try to answer as honestly as I can in the moment and not simply say, “Oh… busy!” For me, busy isn’t a good thing. Think about it. What does the word busy mean to you? When you last spoke the word to someone, what did it feel like? How did you say it? Busy is a myth created inside the mind. We make ourselves busy. It’s a monster we created all on our own and then our frenetic culture of distraction feeds the monster. As you are reading this, what else are you doing? Are you eating? Are you walking or moving your body? (Please don’t be driving).

Let’s not fall into the trap of glorifying the word “busy.” Instead, make an effort to place your fullest attention on the current moment (mindfulness). Attention will instantly turn a “busy” moment into “a” moment; one moment.

Listen to the word ‘busy.’ The tone of the word speaks volumes about our lives. You can say ‘busyyyyyy’ with a heavy sigh preceded with an “I am sooooo……”, add a slight downward tilt of the head and being busy suddenly becomes a tremendous burden, as if the weight of the whole world is on your shoulders. Or, you can say ‘busy!’ with bright eyes and immediately follow it with a diatribe on the myriad activities going on just in that afternoon. Ever use the word busy used like a badge of honor, or even self-righteousness, as if to say, “My life is more successful than yours because I am busy and you are not. I am therefore more important.”?

Why? Why are we all so busy?

Stop. Stop what you are doing and feel the breath in the body. Bring mindful awareness to your heart rate, your hunched up shoulders, the tension in your face, the clenching in your belly. Is this what busy feels like? Let’s not elevate busy onto a pedestal. Let’s simply be present for the moment that is occurring right now. For the breath in the body right now. Breathe in and breathe out. Don’t be busy, just be you.http://www.anchoryoga.com/mbsr/