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Yoga 101 4-Week Workshop

Yoga 101 4-Week Workshop

Saturdays beginning 5/01/21 – 5/22/21

One of the most difficult parts of starting a yoga practice is figuring out where to begin. This workshop is an introduction to the basics of yoga from the etiquette of attending class at a yoga studio to the philosophy behind yoga. In this workshop, I hope to dispel the “myths of yoga” and give you a successful experience that will last a lifetime. My goal is for yoga to become a lifelong tool to promote your physical and emotional health and wellness. This 4-week course will take you from where you are and set a foundation for a safe, knowledgeable, inspired practice incorporating the 8 limbs of yoga.

Rich in history, yoga has often been misunderstood in western culture- it has been consumed by capitalism and seen as part of a physical fitness trend. This workshop will take you deeper into the 8 limbs of yoga which address the body, mind, and spirit. From breath to meditation, the goal of yoga is “stillness of the mind.” Our yoga practice is designed to follow us off the mat and into our daily lives and be used as a tool to decrease stress, promote wellness and facilitate true joy.

Led by Deb Fraine

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Week 1 (5/01)- Yoga etiquette and props

-How to practice safely
-Benefits of yoga
-Basic postures

Week 2- (5/8) The history of Yoga

– Pranayama- the breath of yoga
– Meditation
– Yoga for posture/ hip openers

Week 3- (5/15) The philosophy of yoga

– Yamas and Niyamas- How Yoga teaches us to treat ourselves and others
– Yoga for balance/ core strength

Week 4- (5/22) Putting it all together

– The Eight Limbs of Yoga
– Yoga for relaxation/ coordinating the breath with the movement
– Where do we go from here? What class will be best for you to continue your yoga journey?
– How do you develop a home practice?