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Forest Bathing: How To Do It Even Without a Forest

Are you feeling drained by the busyness of life lately? The holiday seasons are over, and I bet if you’re like me, you feel drained and need a way to “refresh” your Chi or life force. Forest bathing is an excellent way to refresh + spend time soaking in the […]

Extraordinary Knowing

Something few people know about me is I read multiple books simultaneously, going from one to the other. I don’t know why. Even though I love it, sometimes one gets set aside for a long time, and then it appears back in my life.  When I was Home Editing my closet this past week, […]

10 Simple Habits That Will Change your Life

Want to be happier, healthier, and more successful in life? Don’t miss these ten simple daily habits that will change your life! It’s easy to think of all of the good habits we wish we had: putting money away each month, getting up earlier, and working out every day. As […]

Wellness Tips that Support Mental Health

Breathe – No matter what the situation, mood, circumstance, problem – Breathe. It doesn’t have to necessarily be a deep breath or a long breath. Just breathe. Breath nourishes the body mind and soul. Gratitude – Feeling Grateful is sometimes very simple and other times, not so much. Depending on […]

Ever wondered, on What or How Holistic Psychotherapy can assist in your mental health as a whole?

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