The Eight Dimensions of Wellness

Self Care Challenge – Day 14 by Angela Bras Consider learning the Eight Dimensions of Wellness, and making them apart of your daily life.  This is a tool that can […]

The Importance of Going Outside

Self Care Challenge – Day 13   by Julie Hatch   I find that going for a walk outside is really important in my practice of self care. I prefer […]

Taking Charge of your Health & Wellbeing

Self Care Challege – Day 11   The vague but urgent “I want to feel-and look- better” might be a thought you find yourself frequently thinking.   And while your […]

Live 2019 Effortlessly

Self Care Challenge – Day 10   So often in my life I was taught to “try hard”, “work hard”, to put a lot of effort into my work.  I […]

Nadi Shodhana – Alternate Nostril Breathing

Self Care Challenge- Day 9 by Jenn Risio The practice of Alternate Nostril Breathing.. (Nadi Shodhana) Nadi meaning “flow”, Shodhana “purification”. Just 3 minutes or more a day.. the benefits […]

Yoga Nidra for Self Care

Self Care Challenge –  Day 7 New Year’s Intentions    Have you toyed with a new year’s resolution for yourself? “I want more of this” or “I will stop doing that”? Maybe you shudder […]

Self Care Technique: Breathing

As a therapist and a coach I view self-care as an integral part of my work. Here’s one of my daily self-care routine. In the morning, before getting out of […]

Self-Care Technique: Pause

Self Care Challenge – Day 5 Pausing. Each day I do my best to pause throughout the day,  take a breath and then move on. I find the more I […]

“Hozho Naasha” To “Walk in Beauty”

Day 4 – Self Care Challenge   by Angela Bras, LMT The most important relationship you will ever have is the relationship you have with yourself.  Self-love and care is […]

The Importance of Morning Meditation

Day 3 – Self Care Challenge One of the best things I can do in taking care of myself is morning meditation. I start most mornings by getting out of […]