NEW! Introducing Access Conciseness BARS and Energetic Face Lift

Offered by Marina Raye, LICSW You can find information about them on my website In the meantime, I would like to share the testimony of one of my clients working with me and her experience with the BARS: “At what felt like a crossroads, I asked aloud, for help. […]

Wellness Tips that Support Mental Health 

Breathe –  No matter what the situation, mood, circumstance,  problem –  Breathe. It doesn’t have to necessarily be a deep breath or a long breath. Just breathe. Breath nourishes the body mind and soul. Gratitude – Feeling Grateful is sometimes very simple and other times, not so much. Depending on […]

What happens When You Are Last on the List

Article by Kim Meyer Pelltier, PT, CST  Holistic Physical Therapist How many times have I heard “I would like to take care of myself but __________” I can fill in that blank with so many reasons inclusive of I don’t have time My children need me I do a lot […]


As we move into the warm months to continue your self -care! Summer is a wonderful and care free time of year. We live in a beautiful area to enjoy everything the summer months have to offer. We are outside, moving our bodies and getting our vitamin D. We feel […]

11 Ways to Wellness

Article by Jessica Cavaco Dagnello, LMT,CPT I always tell my clients that being healthy isn’t just about doing yoga or eating plants, viewing wellness,. Including stress relief, from a holistic perspective is super important. Following the below philosophies helps clients and me feel lighter and happier in the day-to-day. 1 Nourish […]