11 Ways to Wellness

Article by Jessica Cavaco Dagnello, LMT,CPT I always tell my clients that being healthy isn’t just about doing yoga or eating plants, viewing wellness,. Including stress relief, from a holistic perspective is super important. Following the below philosophies helps clients and me feel lighter and happier in the day-to-day. 1 Nourish […]

Is Your Body Storing Emotions?

Article by Marina Raye, LICSW Integrative Coach and Psychotherapist Our bodies are deigned to process the emotions that are created by our thoughts. When emotions are felt without interference, they quickly dissipate leaving the body relaxed, strong and healthy. However, some emotions are often identified as negative. Fear, frustration, anger, […]

Fascia and Massage Therapy

Article By: Angela Bras, BS, LMT Research has shown time and again that massage therapy can decrease our stress and anxiety.  However, what about that deep aching pain in muscle?  We know that myo-fascial (myo meaning muscle) pain is caused by a continuous stimulus such as pressure, repetitive moment and […]

Spring is the Season of Wood

Article by Julie Hatch The fundamentals of Chinese medicine are based on nature, the seasons, and natural elements. We understand and treat illness based on the elements in nature. In Chinese medicine,spring corresponds with the Wood element. What happens in nature during the springtime? There is new life, new growth, […]

New! Community drum Circle

Every living thing is in rhythm with the world around us. There is sound and vibration impacting every aspect of our being at all times. From the beat of our heart, and timing of our breath, to the entrainment of our brainwaves. All things are affected by this rhythm.    […]