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Forest Bathing: How To Do It Even Without a Forest

Are you feeling drained by the busyness of life lately?

The holiday seasons are over, and I bet if you’re like me, you feel drained and need a way to “refresh” your Chi or life force. Forest bathing is an excellent way to refresh + spend time soaking in the healing power of nature.

Even if you are not outdoorsy, there are plenty of ways to enjoy and practice forest bathing. Forest bathing is only called “bathing” because it is immersing yourself in nature’s gentle healing power. Its about soaking in all the senses: sound, touch, smell, or sight! It could be as easy as a walk along a quiet trail or sit solo and soak up the power of stillness.

You don’t always have time simply to find a forest, so one terrific way to obtain the benefits of “forest bathing” is to indulge yourself in a 1-hour reiki session using essential oils. Why do it? This Japanese meditative practice is insanely relaxing and therapeutic while reducing stress and anxiety in your body, thus improving the quality of your life. These benefits are even said to last for days after a single session.

There is other ways to enjoy “forest bathing”:

Get away from the noise.
Turn off technology – or leave it at home.

Take it in.
Experience all sensations in a meditative state as you journey through nature. Take a gentle stroll, stopping as much as you’d like. Whatever feels best to you. Touch, smell, and listen to the forest.

Grounding. Be barefoot if you can.

The practice of “grounding” provides even more benefits:

  • Circulation
  • Transferring electrons to the ground
  • Clearing out energy
  • Gaining energy
  • Stress relief
  • Dramatically decreasing inflammation

Whether you have easy access to nature or not, you can still access the benefits of “forest bathing”.
Call to schedule a Reiki session with me to feel some of the benefits of “forest bathing.”

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