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200 Hour Training





Pick Your Path: 

1. For You

2. To become a 200-hour Yoga Teacher 

1. If you chose to take this training for you, choose this path because you do not see teaching as your future goal. You wanted to “perfect” your technique and be able to roll out your mat anywhere in the world and know you are moving safely and with intention.  

2. To become a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Includes: 

  1. Become a Yoga Alliance Approved 200hr Yoga Instructor
  2. Virtual and in-studio options for workshop meeting times
  3. Free monthly unlimited membership throughout the duration of the training.
  4. Additional months of mentorship


When and how much?


2025 SEMESTER: Jan– June

2nd and 3rd SATURDAY, SUNDAY | 10:00 – 8:00p

JAN 11, 12, 18,19 |  FEB 8,9,15,16 |   MAR 8,9, 15,16 |  APR 12,13,19,20 |  MAY 10,11,17,18  | JUNE 14,15 21,22 

Early Bird Special: Friday, December 6th, 2024

Students receive $200 off their deposit.

No Class on Major Holidays


Perfecting your Practice Option 1: $1700 Pay in Full 

Perfecting your practice Option 2: Secure your spot deposit – $500 (after early bird date) 

8 installments of $150.  

Becoming a 200 hour teacher Option 1: $2875 Pay in Full

Becoming a 200 hour teacher Option 2: Secure your spot deposit – $500 (after early bird date)                                                                          8 installments of $375

Specialized payment plans are available upon request                                                                                                                                           


A free monthly unlimited membership is given to all 200-hour trainees throughout the six-month duration of the program.







Led by Kaylee Grodzki, eRYT-500

Our transformational 200-hour yoga teacher training program (Yoga Alliance approved) is a whole-hearted, life-changing engagement.  This training provides all the proper tools needed to start your path as a confident, accomplished, and thoughtful vinyasa yoga teacher. The heart of the training focuses on drawing forth your personal strengths, creativity, knowledge, and authentic voice. Throughout the six-month course, you gain the skills needed to discover and teach your yoga style to all levels of students from beginner to advanced.

Our experts and guides have all started exactly where you are, by sharing their years of experience and specialized skills you will be provided with exposure and inspiration to all the possibilities a career in yoga will bring.

Love your job. Live inspired. Be a pioneer for change. 

  • Be a confident public speaker and a captivating leader!
  • Asana (postures)
  • Professional practice, ethics & yogic lifestyle
  • The art of hands-on adjustments
  • Modifications for injury & special populations- confidently wield the tools of yoga to help change lives for the better.
  • How to combine ancient traditions like Pranayama (breathwork) and meditation and relate them to the challenges of modern-day life, on and off the mat.
  • Grasp of the very foundation of every yoga practice: The Asana (yoga poses), including an in-depth breakdown and analysis of each.
  • Gain a deeper sense of self through personal reflection and study of yogic philosophy—a critical piece for every instructor.
  • Dynamic anatomy
  • Designing well-built classes
  • Yogic history & philosophy
  • Business & marketing of yoga



Anything with a P represents the workshops all students including Perfecting Your Practice, and participants are required to attend.* 

The Business of Yoga

Arm Balance/ Inversion Workshop (P*)

Meditation (P*)

Chakra’s (P*)


Private Lesson Guidance



Sanskrit/ Kirtan



History of Yoga and its Philosophy (P*)


The Science of Yoga 


Who should attend this course? 

Serious students of any level of ability. This program offers instruction in beginning, intermediate, and advanced asanas (poses) and pranayama (breathing) methods. It is ideal for those who want to immerse themselves in an intense discipline to begin or deepen a practice. Advanced techniques will be explored in some of the specialty classes.

I’m a yoga teacher already, can I benefit from this program?

Absolutely. This course is designed to expand your knowledge of the theory and practices of yoga. Use this time for Continuing Education Hours, as well as to develop and enhance your teaching skills.

Are all intensives required?

Yes, and you wouldn’t want to miss these fun, informative intensives. 

I missed a class/intensive. What would I do to make it up?

If you need to miss a class or a weekend workshop you can make it up for free the next semester of teacher training and receive a provisional certification in the meantime. If this option does not work for your schedule, you can make your own arrangements to attend a class or workshop with the same teacher on your own time and money.

It sounds so convenient. Is this too good to be true?

Believe it. You will find this is one of the most affordable and all-encompassing programs around.

How long do I need to have been practicing yoga to enroll?

One year of yoga practice is suggested to enroll in this program, but sometimes special exceptions are made for dedicated students with experience in similar disciplines.

What books are required?

The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali by Sri Swami Satchidananda

Yama’s and Niyamas by Deborah Adele

What happens at the end of the course?

At the end of the course, all participants who have attended the required number of classes will receive a Certificate of Completion. For those who have completed the entire course in hopes to becoming a teacher, you can register with Yoga Alliance at the 200-hour level so that graduates can become YA-registered Yoga Teachers.