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Therapy-Infused Vinyasa Flow

(All Levels):  Stretch, strengthen and connect with your body, inner spirit and mind using breathing techniques, yoga postures and vinyasa flow sequences with modifications as needed. Complement your running, walking, swimming, golf,gym workout with Therapy-Infused Vinyasa. Combining mindfulness, breath work and yoga postures this class is designed to cultivate strength and balance while integrating the practice of relaxation and joy. Witness the movement of the body and explore poses designed to release stiffness in the joints, tightness in the muscles and resistance in the mind. The goal of this class is always to improve the mind/ body connection in order to facilitate wellness.
Led by Deb Fraine

Gentle Body/Mind/Spirit Yoga

(All Levels):  This is a holistic practice using the physical postures of yoga to connect all parts of our being in union as we practice. Yoga means union. It is a mindful practice focusing on the breath, allowing the mind to relax and quiet, as we become stronger, more flexible, better aligned & balanced. We practice different breathing techniques to help us release stress and tension, allowing our breath to deepen and slow. I feel we, as a culture, are over focused on the action of doing and we need to focus more on releasing tension in the body/mind. The release is just as important, if not more important than the action.
Led by Joelene Marinone

Heated Vinyasa Flow

(Levels 2-3):  A toasty and inviting atmosphere to warm the muscles and the body. This 75-minute class is a Vinyasa Flow with a little bit of heat to ignite your inner flame! Core work, balance postures, arm balances, and inversions. Clear and concise instruction; you decide intensity. And a little extra time for a yummy Savasana! Modifications are offered throughout. Some experience suggested. Temperature set at a summery 80 degrees.
Led by Jennifer Risio

Vinyasa Express

(All Levels):  A shorted 45 minute Vinyasa Flow. Core strength elements infused early throughout this energetic practice. It’s a balanced smorgasbord of strength, length, balance, and movement. Perfect for everyone! Recharge those internal batteries FLOW to GLOW! Modifications offered throughout the class.
Led by Jennifer Risio

Vinyasa Flow

(All Levels):  Vi “in a special way, – Nyasa” to place. A graceful and creative synchronized sequence or flow weaving asanas (postures) together, to move seamlessly for one breath to another! A powerful flow designed to build strength and agility, balance, and flexibility. Open your hear and awaken the energy within! NO two classes are alike. Expect clear, concise instruction, and alignment. Modifications offered throughout the class.
Led by Jennifer Risio


(All Levels): Barre is a whole-body workout that incorporates elements of ballet, yoga, Pilates, and aerobics with low-impact exercises. No experience is necessary. Classes include a warm-up, a barre segment (focusing on high reps of isometric movements targeting specific muscles that tone, strengthen the core, and improve posture), floor/mat work, and stretching to increase flexibility. Modifications are adjusted as needed. Class length runs from 40 minutes to an hour. Led by Jo Norton

Pilates at the Barre

(All Levels):   Joseph Pilates won the approval and devotion of the Ballet and Dance community by helping them create long lean and exceptionally strong, flexible bodies. This class incorporates these principles utilizing the ballet barre. You don’t need to be a ballerina to enjoy this class – so meet me at the Barre!   Led by Jo Norton


(All Levels):  45-Minute Mat Pilates exercises are performed in a slow, controlled, precise manner and require intense concentration on the floor using a yoga mat. These exercises help strengthen the body’s core by developing pelvic and scapula stability, and abdominal control, using focused breathing patterns. The main fitness goals of a mat pilates program include improved flexibility, muscle tone, body balance, spinal support, low back health, sports performance, and body-mind awareness.  Led by Cindi Assad.


(All Levels):  Using foam rollers and various types of resistance bands, we follow the TB12 method to bring more elasticity, resilience, and strength to our bodies within this active recovery class. Led by Cindy Assad.



(All Levels): Vinyasa Yoga with weighted intervals. A knockout way to start your midweek.  Led by Cindy Assad.



(All Levels): A Pilates Mat class that integrates cardio bursts. Led by Cindy Assad.


Chair Yoga $5

(All Levels):  Experience a breath centric-practice of flowing yoga postures. Using a Chair as the main prop. You will be guided safely through the flowing postures, which will help, to improve strength and balance. There are options of doing the whole practice sitting in the chair or if suitable for the body. There is a standing series.  The offering is to move the whole physical body from head to toe. The practice finishes, with a deep guided relaxation.  Led by Joey Machado

Foundational Flow Yoga

(All Levels):  A creative thoughtful sequence inspired by the  teachings of Linda’s mentor,
David Vendetti, founder of South Boston Yoga. This class will help you to release tension from your body & mind while focusing attention calmly on the breath. A flow that begins building the foundation through breath work (pranayama), Sun Salutations, and Standing postures. Every month a new theme will be introduced focusing on different body regions. building strength and stability while connecting movement to breathe.
The sequences will include Foundations:  Standing postures, hips, heart openers, forward folding, side bending, twisting, and more.   Led by Linda Vivino

 Gentle Hatha Yoga

(All Levels):  A 60 or 75-minute class which begins with a focus on Pranayama (breathing) to bring awareness to our life force and breathe. Movements start with Surya Namaskar, moving mindfully through sun salutations leading to other various poses. Motion, stretching, and lengthening of longer-held poses build strength and create awareness of vital foundational poses. Expect an extended Savasana coupled with meditation to allow the mind to quiet and your spirit to soar.   Led by Carol Lucey

 Back to Core

(All Levels):  Back to Core is a 45-minute intensive abs class designed to be mindful of specific back issues that often preclude clients from participating in traditional Pilates classes. A variety of care moves will be introduced including planks, side stretches, yoga moves that are core-centric, and Pilates moves that are safe for people with back concerns or weaknesses. This is a great class on its own, or to build core strength and stability for your deeper yoga practice. Led by Marcia Hathaway.

 Yoga Your Way

(All Levels):  How do you feel today as you step onto your mat? Does any part of your body need special attention? How is your energy level – high/low or in between?

Yoga Your Way allows for a dfferent format for each class. All clients are encouraged to “be” in their bodies/minds/spirits and to center down and answer these questions. Everyone gets a chance to explore what the body needs/ what the mind and spirit need. This is a collaborative/interactive practice that creates spaciousness and fun! Bring your real selfto the mat and come explore!   Led by Marcia Hathaway.

Mobility Circuit Training

(All Levels):  A FUN time-efficient class that offers a full-body workout and keeps you on your toes! It combines mobility exercises that increase the range of movements and motions your body can perform. This class is designed to improve muscular endurance, flexibility, pliability, strength, and balance. Assist in maintaining your bone mass, and sharpen your acuity as you travel from station to station with a plethora of strength and cardio exercises. You can expect a class that makes you feel vibrant and alive inside and out!

This class includes resistance bands, weights, medicine balls, and straps. (**Please bring indoor sneakers. No street shoes are allowed in the studio.**)  Led by Susan Amaral

Reiki Circle

(Suggested  $10 Donation.)
Reiki (ray~key ) is an ancient Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation, that helps promotes healing in the physical and emotional body.

What is a Reiki share?!
A gathering of Reiki practitioners (Attuned in Level 1 through Master), all receiving and giving Reiki healing. This gathering offers Reiki practitioners the opportunity to share positive Reiki energy and experiences with one another. We strongly encourage ANYONE, regardless of training, who has been curious about Reiki, to join us for a mini Reiki healing session! The benefits of healing touch are too numerous to mention! Healing touch is scientifically proven to reset the nervous system and quiet the body’s fight and flight response. After just one session, you will quickly realize that your body and mind have the incredible ability to heal themselves! There isn’t a better way to satisfy your curiosity than to experience a “hands-on “ Reiki healing circle. Just come!

Time: 6:45-8:00 pm Held on 3rd Tuesday of each month.

Each month proceeds will go directly to different non-profit. This month, will go towards LUSTGARTEN Foundation
Supporting Pancreatic Cancer Research
The largest private funder of pancreatic cancer research, focused on improving patient outcomes. Thanks to separate funding to support administrative expenses, 100 percent of every donation goes directly to research.

Led by Kathy Lankford


Kripalu Yoga

Kripalu yoga focuses on inner inquiry, breathwork, meditation in motion and a compassionate heart. This moderate hatha style class is accessible to many levels of practice and creates a feeling of strength, openness and inspiration.

Mindfulness and Meditation

Learn and practice mindfulness and meditation as a way of “being” in the world. Unlock your true potential as you develop a sense of peace, calm, and non-reactivity to enjoy your life fully.