Therapy-Infused Vinyasa Flow

(All levels): Stretch, strengthen and connect with your body, inner spirit and mind using breathing techniques, yoga postures and vinyasa flow sequences with modifications as needed. Complement your running, walking, swimming, golf,gym workout with Therapy-Infused Vinyasa. Combining mindfulness, breath work and yoga postures this class is designed to cultivate strength and balance while integrating the practice of relaxation and joy. Witness the movement of the body and explore poses designed to release stiffness in the joints, tightness in the muscles and resistance in the mind. The goal of this class is always to improve the mind/ body connection in order to facilitate wellness.
Led by Deb Fraine

Chair Yoga

Experience a breath centric practice of flowing yoga postures . Using a Chair as the main prop . You will be guided safely through the flowing postures ,  which will help , to improve strength and balance. There are options of doing the whole practice sitting in the chair, or if suitable for the body . There is a standing series.  The offering is to move the whole physical body from head to toe. The practice finishes , with a deep guided relaxation. Led by Joey Machado

Gentle Body/Mind/Spirit Yoga

This is a holistic practice using the physical postures of yoga to connect all parts of our being in union as we practice. Yoga means union. It is a mindful practice focusing on the breath, allowing the mind to relax and quiet, as we become stronger, more flexible, better aligned & balanced. We practice different breathing techniques to help us release stress and tension, allowing our breath to deepen and slow. I feel we, as a culture, are over focused on the action of doing and we need to focus more on releasing tension in the body/mind. The release is just as important, if not more important than the action.
Led by Joelene Marinone

Slow Mindful Yoga

Slow, mindful yoga is not the same thing as strong, physical exercise yoga – it is a different practice with different goals. Although it can help you improve your fitness, the goal of slow, mindful yoga is building awareness, self-regulating the nervous system, and deepening self-understanding.

Slow, mindful yoga can help you: • Improve mobility • Manage stress • Reduce Pain • Improve Mental Health • Sleep better
Slow, mindful yoga can be adapted to your specific needs. It is accessible and can help you optimize your health without the risk of injury.

“Slowness of movement is the key to awareness, and awareness is the key to learning…Slower movement leads to more subtle observation…so that more change is possible. (Doidge, 2016)

Led by Cheryl Rocha