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Peg Rodrigues

Peg Rodrigues

Peg Rodrigues is an energy intuitive, author, wife, and mom to four children. She studied at the Northwest School of Healing from 2006-2010, learning the combined teachings of the Barbara Brennan Healing School and The Institute of Core Energetics. Peg was also trained as a Reiki Master. After experiencing deep healing and awakened consciousness, Peg decided to share the benefits of energy healing with others and opened her private practice, Soul Window, in 2010.

In November 2016, she faced her biggest challenge yet when her husband nearly died after three cardiac arrests. For years, Peg had been honing her healing abilities, not realizing that all she had learned on her table would be vital to her husband’s recovery and healing. To process her own personal journey through this traumatic event, she wrote a book, Tethered: A Healer’s Ultimate Test.

Life-changing events have a way of shifting your perspective, prompting a move to the East Coast. As hard as it was to close Soul Window in March of 2018, Peg continued to offer distance reiki healing sessions from her home in Massachusetts. Her passion for hands-on healing has brought her to Mattapoisett Wellness, where she will offer in-person 1:1 healing sessions starting May 1st, 2023.

In a highly subjective field, Peg brings a grounded, conscious, refreshingly honest, and authentic approach to healing. She can kinesthetically intuit shifts in clients’ energy fields and chakra systems by “seeing” through her hands. When you clear energy blocks, it brings you into alignment with universal source energy and flow, allowing you to step into the power of your authentic self.

To make an appointment with Peg

Phone: (206) 390-7332
Email: peg@pegrodrigues.com
Website: https://pegrodrigues.com/