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30 Day Self-Care Challenge

What if you had the tools, resources, skill sets and a growth mindset that would take you the distance?

Starting January 1st – 31st.  The Team of Mattapoisett Wellness will share their, own personal experiences and stories. Everyday, we will circle up around a theme of self-care.

We will talk about and explore self- care practices and rituals that you can use to build up your will power to achieve what has held you back.

The things you do everyday matters. So much more then the things you do every now and then.

The self-care challenge will be multifaceted. It will involve all layers of the self, all parts of the self. Meaning your physical body to the mind and to the information that your senses gather.  All of these things can be incorporated into your daily self-care practice.   – Exploring your multi-layered view of the self.

Trust in your experiences through this challenge.  If they speak to you add them to your daily practice.

You will not be alone in doing this challenge, for we at Mattapoisett Wellness Center will be participating as well.

Let’s bring in 2019 to a healthy start!

Thank you for showing up.