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30 Day Wellbeing Challenge

Join me along with my MWC Team in this 30-day wellbeing challenge to help us all jump-start 2021 Renewed! Think if it as a makeover into wellness!

There are loads of factors that could be impacting on your wellbeing right now, and doing small, simple things can hopefully make a difference. The suggestions in my 30-day wellbeing challenge can hopefully help you feel more in control, go towards having better days, and improve your overall health.

I would love to hear from you in how this is re-shaping your wellness.


Wellbeing Challenge

Take 3 Deep Breaths. Brings brief mindfulness. When you feel stress is escalating, take the time to breath. Set yourself in pause.


Write down your goals. Setting goals opens up opportunity.


Learn Something New. Step outside of your comfort zone and re-discover.


Wake up 15 minutes earlier. Starting your day, with more time to spare, makes for a productive day.


Go for a Walk or Exercise. Movement brings up your body’s natural endorphins.


Focus on Hydration. Water is a vital nutrient of life.


Plan your Meals for the Next Week.  Planning your meals opens the door to making better health choices. Explore new healthy recipes.


Read 10 pages of a Book.  Knowledge is influential.


Treat yourself.   Reward yourself in what brings you joy.


Take a Social Media Detox. Unplug, to leave time to do this wellness challenge.


Write 3 Things you are Grateful for. Try this everyday or every other to show appreciation for the little things in your life.


Go to Sleep 15 Minutes Earlier. Getting better sleep can make you healthier.


In Peace & Health,

Jessica Cavaco-Dagnello, LMT,CPT

Owner Body in Balance

Licensed Massage Therapist ~ Personal Trainer

“Massage is Maintenance, not Indulgence.”