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Acupuncture isn’t just for Adults by Julie Hatch L.Ac, PNP

Children can benefit from acupuncture too! From infancy through adolescence kids are perfect candidates for acupuncture and Chinese medicine.  As a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner and acupuncturist I treat children of all ages with many different health issues.  Whether your child has episodic health issues (an injury, respiratory infections, ear infections) or ongoing more chronic health conditions (eczema, allergies, anxiety) acupuncture can help with kids.  The needles I use on kids are TINY! I never use the word ‘needle’ around a child.  I call it ‘tapping’ which is just what the needle insertion feels like to a child.

Most importantly in working with kids, I first gain trust with the child – there is no trickery, cajoling, bribing, and definitely no forcing it.  And if a child refuses the needles – no problem there are other way of delivering a full treatment to a child using tuina, shonishin, moxa, or acupuressure.  Whatever form of treatment I use, the qi of children is usually easy to access and quick to respond.  Once the qi is accessed, it then starts to flow in a way that releases areas of pain and dis-ease, and your child soon starts to feel better.

An acupuncture session with your child can be fun, interactive, and best of all bring health and wellness to your child.

Common pediatric conditions that acupuncture and Chinese medicine treat:

– Colic   – Allergies     – Constipation/Diarrhea     – Eczema   –   Stomachaches    – Sprains and Strains    – Ear infections    – Adverse effects from repeated antibiotic use   – Respiratory infections   – Anxiety   – Asthma    – Stress  – Behavioral issues

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Julie Hatch L.Ac, PNP