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Article by Dana Massi LMHC, LADAC

……. Then there are the loved ones. The family members and friends of the person addicted or abusing alcohol and or drugs.

 Alcohol and drug abuse/addiction is of course a terrible thing and has rightly so gained national attention and resources via the current Opioid Epidemic that is evident across our country. Addiction wreaks havoc with all populations of people. But it is not only the person who is abusing or addicted to alcohol and or drugs as well as the many loved ones or effected ones surrounding them.
For every person addicted or abusing drugs or alcohol there is at least one other person and more likely hundreds of people that are affected by their use, abuse, or addiction. Whether they are family members: a spouse, children,  parents, siblings or employees, employers, students or community members. The list can be endless.  Most people have been in this situation in one way or another.
Unfortunately often times these people are considered the “Outsiders”,  the family members that have a loved one who is addicted are often dismissed or overlooked and  their need for help or treatment can be minimized.
Anyone who has been in his position knows the grief and the helplessness that accompanies watching someone in the throes of addiction. Often times so much time and effort is spent on trying to figure out how to help the person who is addicted, that family members, loved ones  or friends can lose track of their own lives and find themselves feeling hopeless or depressed with little energy for their own  self care.
If you have found yourself in this situation, I as a trained and experienced addiction counselor and holistic therapist, may be able to help you with finding a balance between caring for others and caring for your self..
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