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New Year, New Yoga

Is your yoga practice a getting to be a bit ho-hom? Is your downward-facing dog falling a little flat? Can you predict what your instructor is going to say before she or he says it? Then it’s time to inject your yoga practice with some fresh vibes. Many students fall into a rut after a few months of practicing with the same instructor or sticking religiously with the same style. To help you avoid “stale-asana”, once a month, vow to take a class you’ve NEVER taken before.

Once a month, try something new. If you always take a Tuesday morning gentle class, then why not try the Friday slow flow? If you always go to the Wednesday night vinyasa, then why not mix it up with a little yin yoga or qigong? Variety allows you to hear new instruction, gets you out of habitual patterning in your postures which can lead to structural imbalances over time, AND it gets you OUT of your comfort zone. And isn’t that the reason we do yoga in the first place?! It’s a new year, mix it up with new classes, new instructors, new poses, and a fresh new practice! Check out our full schedule at www.anchoryoga.com/schedule/