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Chronic Headaches, Migraine Headaches and TMJ

Article written by Kim Meyer-Pelletier, PT, CST – Holistic Physical Therapist.

Headaches and temporomandibular pain can be extremely debilitating and can cause major lifestyle changes.  Many of my clients who seek treatment for headaches have tried so many ways to decrease their pain.  They have incurred tremendous expense to have their headaches evaluated and treated with shots, medications, chiropractic care, dental work mouth guards and numerous medical tests.  Most report minimal changes in their pain and symptoms.

Headaches of a chronic nature may be the result of old trauma inclusive of old head hits or concussions and whiplashes.  Old accidents that occurred months, and many years ago may be the culprit of spinal changes which change the orientation of the spine and cranium leading to pain in the neck and jaw.   Often these accidents happened during childhood or young adulthood.  The body has a fabulous way of compensating around old injuries until they can no longer compensate and headache and jaw pain are the result.  Physical and/or emotional stress may also contribute to the amount of tension held in the body but can be remediated with craniosacral therapy.

An experienced cranial sacral therapist can detect holding that goes on in the membranes surrounding the spine and can very gently release the tensions that have been incurred due to trauma.  Sometimes mobilizing the hard palate with very gentle mouth work can lead to a marked reduction in jaw pain.  Trauma inclusive of head injury, whiplash, meningitis, and lyme disease can cause holding in the dura mater, arachnoid mater or pia mater which are membranes that surround the spine and brain.  The result of this very gentle and noninvasive treatment is a change in the tensions of these membranes and a reduction in the  intensity and frequency of the pain.   I am always amazed when a client has all but given up on getting relief from relentless head and jaw pain and after a series of treatments becomes headache free.

No one should have to live with the pain from chronic headache or jaw pain.  An evaluation and treatment by an experienced craniosacral therapist give back life to those suffering from chronic head and jaw pain.


Here is a testimonial from a client who got relief from treatment.

I have had TMJ for decades. It caused my jaw to lock, headaches and neck problems. I saw several dentists and the solution was mouth gear which I could get by seeing a specialist. My story has a good ending! I have been seeing Kimberly Meyer-Pelletier PT for CranialSacral work on my back and neck. She had the skill to realize I also needed mouth work.


I no longer have my jaw lock or the pain. If I have dental procedures that needs to be done, I always see her before or after. I now know if my jaw seems tight that I need a CranialSacral appointment. I am thrilled  to have found a natural and holistic way to treat my TMJ. A very special thank to Kim.”


– Cheryl Gogel, TMJ Client


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