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Cognomovement – A Tool for the Body & the Mind

Cognomovement —a Unique Approach to Overall Wellness

This breakthrough discovery by Bill McKenna allows the body to force the mind to shift perspectives and attitudes.

The patent pending process and design exercise causes both left and right brain hemispheres activation, as well as our energy systems commonly known as chakras. The Cognomovement Exercise combines a cognitive component, cross-body movement, particular colors, symbols, ball and speech to enhance your general wellness.

Using the exercise ball for 15 minutes can potentially result in:

  •             Healthier eating by changing attitudes about the foods you over indulge in
  •             Weight loss by managing stress related emotional eating
  •             Mental acuity boost
  •             Athletic performance boost
  •             Promote self-esteem through rapid shifts in feelings related to negative judgments, blame, guilt, grief and fear
  •             Manage stress by changing perspective on underlying fears
  •             Can enhance relationships through broader perspective, diminished resentments and blame


If you would like to experience Cognomovement, feel free to contact Marina Raye, at 508-496-6126. You can also purchase the Cogno ball at Amazon.com