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Cognomovement is Creating Change on a Quantum Level with some interesting and unexpected results!

Offered by Marina Raye, LICSW Integrative Coach and Psychotherapist

The Cognomovement system is a Cognitive, Movement Therapy that is used to create greater physical and mental energy, increased focus, better sleep, increased creativity and now much, much more…

This system is facilitated by Practitioners, Therapists, and taught in Trainings and Seminars across the United States. Founder Bill McKenna and Lead Trainer Liz Larson are often thrilled by reports of how the system is creating change and promoting healing.

We hear so many amazing and incredible things that are awe inspiring and truly heart warming that we have started to expect the unexpected. However what we’ve been hearing lately we’re not sure anyone could have predicted.

Some of the things that people are reporting after Cognomovement sessions or Seminars are that they are experiencing their lives shifting and changing for the better and noticing life long issues vanish as though they never occurred.  Many describe having a kind of Amnesia for events, conditions and perspectives that have plagued them for years. We’ve also heard many reports of heightened awareness, the ability to work with and see energies, greater psychic awareness and ability.

Almost everyone expresses increased energy for everything in their life, better sleep, greater focus, increased creativity and ideas.

But this……This is something even more interesting…….

We’ve learned from Rupert Sheldrake’s work concerning the Morphic Field, that once an idea is introduced it begins to expand and increase exponentially. Cognomovement is no different, with each session and seminar the processes become faster and more potent andnthe reach of the outcomes expand.

Many people have reported relationships change instantly, as though the change has occurred on a quantum level. A more simple explanation would be that the Calibrated Loop (a cyclical loop or pattern) is broken when the person who has experienced Cognmovement has radically shifted perspective. They no longer think or behave the same way and so the people around them are free to now have a different experience and therefore a different outcome in the relationship!

This alone is fabulous for those who have experienced it! Mended families, friendships
and loves are always something to celebrate.  Recently though, we have been getting reports of spouses and children feeling the changes that the person who attended the seminar or session is experiencing.

In one instance a Wife has been experiencing far deeper and more peaceful sleep after her Cognomovement sessions, her husband has reported the same though he did not attend CM sessions. Both are experiencing a lightness and freedom in their communication and describe the ability to choose rather than react!

In another story, a Mom returned from a Cognomovement weekend and in the days after she began manifesting…

Well, what ever was on her mind! Awesome right? But then her son started spontaneously doing the same! He began creating in his career like never before. The results were so good that he began doing Cognomovement Solo sessions each day before work to increase the results he was already enjoying! For now these are just fabulous anecdotes and we need more data, but the prospects are fantastic!

To experience some of these amazing results for yourself, Cognomovement is now available at Mattapoisett Wellness Center with Marina Raye LICSW, CM Practitioner.