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Fighting Fibromyalgia

Article by Kim Meyer Pelltier, PT, CST Holistic Physical Therapist

“I hurt everywhere”, “I am tired”, “I can’t sleep”.  These symptoms and others including depression, anxiety and gastrointestinal issues are some of the symptoms associated with fibromyalgia.  By definition that is what fibromyalgia is, a collection of symptoms tha  get in the way of living life without pain and with joy.  I am always excited when a client of mine says  “I no longer have fibromyalgia”.

The good news is holistic treatment can get to the core of the problem and alleviate the pain and angst of having fibromyalgia.  Physical trauma,  particularly repetitive physical trauma can be a key component in fibromyalgia.  Many clients report multiple car accidents, falls, and surgeries that date back decades.  The body splints around these old injuries.  The spine loses mobility, muscles become tight and the nervous system begins to send pain signals to the brain. Every involved joint sends a signal to the brain and when there are enough signals the entire nervous system fires causing pain EVERYWHERE even to places which have not been injured.  It is paramount that treatment and restore healthy motion to the affected joints and particularly the spine and begins to shut down the nervous system’s signals to the brain. The relaxation of the nervous system which has been firing signals to all parts of the body is best achieved using very gently techniques of CRANIOSACRAL THERAPY and joint mobilization. Aggressive exercise, stretching, and manipulation will often increase the intensity of the fibro symptoms because the body and brain are registering this as another trauma and the nervous system fires in response.  It is important the therapeutic process be gentle and minimally invasive.

Another contributing factor to fibromyalgia can be emotional trauma inclusive of stress, grief, and anger.  Repetitive emotional trauma which can go back decade affects the nervous system, again increasing the firing of the nerves causing pain.  I have found childhood trauma to be a strong indicator of the potential of fibromyalgia in adults.  Healing the emotional traumas and removing stresses from the lifestyles helps to reduce the overload causing pain. I practice CRANIOSACRAL therapy and SEMATOEMOTIONAL RELEASE to release the traumas held in the body and bring to consciousness methods of healing these stresses reducing the burden on the nervous system.

Sugars and starches can be contributing to the pain symptoms in fibromyalgia.  These foods, in particular, cause inflammation in the cells and tissues once again causing the nervous system to fire leading to pain everywhere.  Cleaning up the diet and eradicating the use of sugars and starches can, within a few weeks,  make a big impact on the pain associated with fibromyalgia.

Sometimes the symptoms of fibromyalgia are the result of the perfect storm of emotional and physical reasons which overwhelm the person and the nervous system.  Treatment begins to dissect each contributing factor and to put the mind, body and spirit into a consortium that can work together to heal.

Some of the medical community would have you believe that pharmacological intervention is what is necessary to treat fibro.  Drugs that can reduce the symptoms but it is most important to get to the core of the problem and change the biology.  Fibromyalgia is NOT something you get diagnosed with and carry for life.  Fibromyalgia is only a collection of symptoms that can be changed with gentle interventions and life style changes. You can do something to heal fibromyalgia!!!!


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