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Give Reiki a try on yourself to deal with anxiety and an overactive mind! 

Reiki is an energy healing modality intended to help create balance and harmony in the body’s energy fields. By utilizing the secondary palm chakras, the practitioner is able to channel life force energy. This can be transferred to the areas in need with the simple movement of the hands. And the wonderful thing about it is you can learn to be your own practitioner!

In many ways, Reiki is like an active meditation. You are consciously connecting and releasing that which no longer serves you in order to allow the body, mind, and spirit to receive the energy it needs for balance. If you can imagine and remember that we are all made up of energy, then you can begin to believe that you hold the ability shift your energy any time.
Give this five-minute exercise a try to do so right now:
  • Lie down and allow yourself to get comfortable.
  • Vigorously rub the palms of the hands together , and create some heat, call upon your own Reiki healing energy
  • Place your hands behind your head, palms cradling the back of your skull. Deep breathes.
  • For the next two minutes, allow yourself to breathe deeply and begin to imagine your palms are sending healing energy into the mind to release the energy and thoughts that no longer serve you, and see your mind being filled with peace, light, and calm thoughts.
  • Once you feel your mind soften, place your hands over your heart. Observe any colors or images that may float into the mind. Just watch!
  • Allow the same energy of light and healing to come into your heart space. See your heart releasing any heaviness, pain, stress, or undue burden as you slowly emit energy and light from your palms to heal your human heart.
  • Next cup your hands over your eyes. Keep the eyes closed for a minute .. receive!
  • Gently and slowly peel your hands away , open your eyes , and notice how the mind and body feel together.
It’s remarkable that we possess our very own healing tools.. our hands, Reiki healing energy, and breathe