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The Heart of Healing – Justin Perreault, ABT,CMT – Asian Bodywork and Alternative Therapies

Over the years I’ve had a number of people comment on my being a “Healer”. I’m always quick to let them know that though I’m a healer, I am no more so than anyone else. Noticing their puzzled look, I further explain that our ability to heal is a universal gift and we are all in charge of our healing process, I simply work as a facilitator to help people find their own way of healing. This can come in many forms.

Whether it’s teaching people how to use their body in a more effective way, or slow the mind and thoughts to work through emotional blockages. In the end, vitality and wellness is only reached by putting ourselves on a path toward that goal. Nobody can hand these things to us in an hour on a massage table. That can help get us there by easing pains, stresses, and fueling motivation, but it is by our own volition that we continue on in a direction of healing outside the treatment room.

Consider for a second what healing is and what it means to you. Do you regard it as a physical experience? Mental/Emotional? Or even in the realm of Spirituality? We hear this a lot, “Body, Mind and Spirit”, right? I Believe the fullest experience of healing must include all three. They are, after all, inseparable. The effect of emotional disturbance on the physical body is beyond dispute, especially when you look at an obvious example like an eating disorder. Something rooted in emotional trauma but expressed in the seeking of comfort through food can lead to obesity, chronic pain/inflammation, diabetes, and a host of other dis-eases. The example of emotional pain leading to physical pain can become spiritual if the person starts to really question the value of their existence in a painful body. This can send a person into quite a downward spiral.

At The Heart of Healing reversing this spiral is exactly what I strive to do, putting you on a path of self realization and healing. I’ll meet you at whatever stage of life you’re in. Whether you’re looking for help with a physical complaint through therapeutic touch or are looking to free your whole being with consciousness training, I hope to provide you with whatever you need for pain relief, self discovery, and growth.

Contact: Justin 508.493.1297
Email: tuina99@gmail.com