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What the Heck is Cranial Sacral Therapy?

By Kim Pelletier, Holistic Physical Therapist

Often clients who have had pain and disability and have not found traditional methods of medicine or physical therapy helpful have found themselves on my table amazed that so little can do so much. Migraine headaches that would not go away evaporate, pain in the back, neck or shoulders that keep people awake at night disappears. So what is this different technique call cranial sacral therapy which makes such a big difference?

Cranial Sacral Therapy is a very gentle, light touch therapy designed to reduce the physical, emotional and/or spiritual blocks that cause pain and dysfunction. Initially I could not believe that doing so little could yield such great results.  Patients actually enjoy treatment and  heal faster and more completely.

Cranial sacral therapy supports healing at all levels of recovery.  A therapist learns to listen with the hands, meld with the body and believe that there is innate wisdom in each person’s body that, when accessed, can direct the healing of the person from the mind, body and spirit.

I now use some form of cranial sacral therapy with every client I treat. Cranial Sacral Therapy has been my cornerstone of treatment of physical injuries inclusive of headache, neck/ back/ joint pain, post traumatic stress, anxiety, autism, IBS and a host of other physical and psychological issues. There is not a method that is less invasive, gentler and more effective.

Often old injuries sustained decades ago which someone has compensated around for years can be the cause of pain and disability. Finding and correcting the old injuries and their effects allows the body to become unbound by the old patterns of holding and allows for new and healthier patterns to emerge. Often a head injury that no one thought anything about as a child can be leading to pain and disability in later life.  My new adage in treatment is that LESS IS MORE!

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