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Homeopathy with Kristina Buckley – Homeopathic Consultant

Our bodies carry so much of what we experience in our lives on a daily basis: stress, anxiety, grief, injury, environmental toxins, etc. All of these stressors manifest in symptoms in each of us for example digestive complaints, headaches, compromised immune systems, insomnia, aches and pains. We live in a time in which we tend to dismiss these issues and just get through our day. We accept this as our norm…WHY? None of us have to live like this.

Homeopathy is a holistic modality which looks at the whole individual. It is customized to each individual with the intent to remove the underlying cause. It takes a professionally trained homeopath to ensure a proper and encompassing remedy for each individual. In many cases homeopathy can provide support with addiction, anxiety, stress, trauma, migraines, headaches, eczema, psoriasis, insomnia, chronic pain, allergies, asthma, digestive complaints, female health, concussion, and other sport injuries. We at Emerging In Health, LLC. are dedicated to supporting our clients in discovering their own ability to support oneself in health and wellness through homeopathy and other holistic options.

We also offer a customized tea line that aligns with our clients’ ailments such as headaches or digestive complaints, providing the client additional natural support while working with homeopathy.

To learn more about homeopathy and what it can help with, visit www.emerginginhealth.com and www.homeopathycenter.org.


Call Kristina to learn more or make an appointment  508-758-6000.