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The Impact of Social Media on Mental Health

As a therapist, I have observed trends in the topics that people are seeking help with.  Of course there are the universal issues people have always sought help for and then there is the distress that is a result of a change or evolution in society.

One of these trends has been people’s increased involvement with Social and Digital Media/Communication. Over the past few years, especially this past year, I have noticed that an increased amount of people have voiced having difficulty with their well being as social and digital media is impacting there mental health in a negative way. Common potential effects on mental health due to a high use of social and digital media are; feelings of inadequacy, inactivity, anxiety, insomnia, poor self-image,depression, being harrassed or bullied and suicide or suicidal ideation.

As well, Social and Digital Media/Communication can become addictive. So some people seek to detach from the obsessive-compulsive behavioral pattern that social and digital media can lead to. A common quest by many people appears to be an attempt to return to self. Sometimes in order to do this we need to create a space that allows for introspection. Therapy can provide a space to explore who, we really are and what is important to us. If seeking solace from the constant stimulus sounds like a good idea,


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