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From Intention to Manifestation. A New Year’s Manifestation. Dec 31st 2016

You made it through 2016. Another year, another chapter of life. You shed tears. You felt the pain of loss. You laughed until your stomach ached. You made commitments. You broke promises. You created. You destroyed. Some days you were you and some days you were someone unrecognizable.

What would you let go of if you had the chance? What would you invite in?

Using compassionate reflection and deep, mindful yoga, we will harness intentions for letting go of old habits and energies and transform them into new and loving pathways for 2017.

Plus, this special New Year’s Eve class will involve sage incense for cleansing and purifying, pranayam breath practices for gathering and collecting attention, crystal sound healing bowls for aligning chakra energy centers, and a guided journey meditation.

No yoga experience necessary. PLEASE NOTE NEW TIME 5:00 – 7:00 p.m.

Cost $20 pre-registration required.