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Live 2019 Effortlessly

Self Care Challenge – Day 10


So often in my life I was taught to “try hard”, “work hard”, to put a lot of effort into my work.  I have done that and I can feel the result in my body.  Tense shoulders, tight neck muscles, and overall tension in the body makes it hard, less flexible, and more prone to physical ailments.  Life can be lived with ease, with less effort, with less self judgement, less rigidity, with more fluidity and ease.  When I treat my clients are try to first release all the tensions within myself and treatment becomes more effective, easy and enjoyable.


To check out this phenomena just check in with your body when you are trying hard to do something.  Feel the tension, where it is, how much there is.  Now take a few easy breaths (not effortful breaths) and let go of some of the tension you feel in your body. Practice gripping the steering wheel with less pressure and tension.  Release some of the tension in your hands while you are writing or typing. ( I  am practicing that now).  Relax through your jaw when you are resting or chewing.  Be aware of any thoughts that may come into your consciousness as you release and let go of the tension.  The task at hand will still get done and will not require so much effort.  I challenge the belief my parents inadvertently imprinted in me which was “if you want anything you have to work hard for it”.   Actually all you have to be is in the flow of life, not braced with tight shoulders, clenched jaw, armored chest, and rod like back. Being this rigid is like being a dam in the river rather than a raft that can “go with the flow”.  Often when we let go we find the river ride to be enjoyable and it delivers us exactly where we need to be.


Live effortlessly in 2019……less doing and more being.

Kim Pelletier