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The Major Myths about Psychotherapy from Pamela Lacerda, LICSW – Clinical Social Worker 

Myth: If you go to therapy, you must be “crazy” or weak.

Truth:  There are healthy people that go to therapy.A therapist’s office is a place where you can bounce ideas off of a trained professional who will not judge you. Your therapist can help you explore and uncover the underlying cause(s) of a problem, and support you as you build more productive habits and work to reach your goals.

Myth: Therapy takes a long time

Many people who are considering therapy want to work through a specific problem or seek support for a particular situation in their lives. There are evidence-based psychotherapy interventions which are time-limited and proven to help improve mood and self-worth over a short period of time. It depends on the person and their situation.

Thinking about therapy as a part of your wellness?

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