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Mindfulness for Young Women July 16-19th 10am-11am

Cost: Early Bird before 7/11 $75
         After 7/11 $80
4 Day Workshop Led by Sara DaCosta
Does it feel as though your mind just can’t stop? I mean constantly going, I have to get to work, I need to finish this paper, I forgot to buy my friend a card, Why did she block me on Facebook, Should I have even posted that, I have to work out, Did I remember what I needed for this test, Do I have enough money for gas, Will I fit in, Why can’t I relax, What am I doing!
I am asking the youth of today, do you take time to reflect and appreciate where you are and who you are?
Take some time for you. Join me in a Mindfulness for Young Women class. This will give you a safe space for you to be mindful through meditation, participate in independent and paired yoga poses and stretches. We will also journal our reflections and intentions. I am reaching out to young women ages 14 to 18.
I look forward to leading you in your mindful journey.
Mindfulness For Young Women
  • 1 Hour Class
  • Ages 14-18
  • Mindfulness will be the intention of the session
  • Yoga poses and stretching
  • Journaling
  • Meditation


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