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Monica Metea, PhD

Monica Metea, PhD


Dr. Monica Metea is a neuroscientist working at the intersection of cognitive science and holistic integrative practices.  With a focus on achieving optimal brain health and performance for her clients, she combines state of the art neurofeedback brainwave training with cognitive enhancement practices rooted in traditional meditation systems.

Neurofeedback (or EEG biofeedback) is a scientifically proven method to enhance brain function through training, using brain mapping or qEEG.  Science has shown that exercising the brain can rewire its circuits and enhance its function. The technology behind qEEG is complicated but the neurofeedback process is quite simple. The brain is presented with a mirror of its activity and learns to alter itself the same way as one learns any skill – through feedback and practice.

In the field of neurofeedback, Monica has trained with leading practicing clinicians and has conducted novel research in sensory substitution aimed at impaired balance and vision. Her approach to brain training is rigorous and science-driven, within a holistic and empathetic framework.  She considers neuroscience and cognitive-contemplative practices as complementary and has studied mind-body wellness techniques with many Eastern and Western wisdom teachers for over three decades.  Monica is a certified teacher of the ‘Realization Process®’, which is an integrative system entailing meditation, subtle movement techniques, and a process for working compassionately with fragmentation and painful experiences.  Scientific studies have demonstrated the benefits of these methods on the brain.  In working with clients, Monica develops a road map based on the person’s goals and guides them patiently yet dynamically towards achieving their optimal level of well-being.

Monica has held scientific research positions in industrial laboratories and is presently a consultant to companies involved in therapeutic neuroscience research and drug safety. She maintains an active scientific presence in electrophysiology – the discipline of neuroscience focused on the electrical signature of the brain’s function and its applications.

Monica continues to train with expert scientists and spiritual teachers in a lifelong learning process and shares her dedication to the cultivation of full potential human realization.

Monica Metea, PhD
ReWire Neuroscience, LLC

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Excellence is an art won by training and habituation. We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.” -Will Durant