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Mums on a Mission

Article by Julie Hatch -Licensed Acupuncturist and Parenting Mentor

Are you a Mom concerned about your child’s behavior? Are the tantrums and back talk driving you nuts? And the screen time – how’s that working?

Here at the Mattapoisett Wellness Center I am best known as the acupuncturist – helping people with physical pain, anxiety, fertility
issues, digestive problems and other ailments.  But I also help parents with their kids’ behaviors through my Parenting Mentor Program.

Children are born as a clean, blank slate – a sponge ready to receive and absorb everything around them in their environment. Babies are born with their own unique personality and temperament. Their personality is a big part of how they will integrate themselves into the world around them. Children learn how to live, how to be, how to think, how to interact in the world, through their relationships with the people around them. The home is where this all starts. We as their parents provide the critical foundation for how they grow and develop. What we do and say has an immense impact on our kids’ lives now and into the future. Parenting, in my opinion, is the hardest and most important job on the planet. We are raising the future generation which will be our next leaders, artists, entrepreneurs, farmers,scientists, parents, teachers, business owners…. you name it. How we deal with our kids from very early on is vital to how this next generation will live and succeed.

I have a passion for kids and their well being. Helping parents navigate the behavioral problems and issues that come with raising any child is what I am here to do.Beyond learning how to handle challenging behavior is the insight and understanding of how to raise an emotionally healthy and resilient child. All kids deserve the chance to live their lives in emotional health and well being. So if this strikes a chord with you, if you find yourself frustrated with your child’s behavior, or not sure what to do next, or just curious about what it means to raise an emotionally healthy child feel free to contact me for a conversation about what you’re dealing with and how I might be able to help. juliehatch@hotmail.com, 401-323-4623. Watch for my workshop coming up in January!

“Think of your child as a seed that came in a packet of wildflower seeds without a label. Your job is to nourish it – provide it with the right environment, nutrients, sunlight and water, and to pull the weeds from time to time. You can’t decide what kind of flower you will get, what it will look like or in what season it will bloom. Your job is simply to nourish it.

Join Julie for the Guiding Your Wild Child to Success Workshop

Sunday (Jan 13, 2019) from 3p-5p
This workshop will provide you with insight into your child’s behavior and how to respond to it in a calm confident way rather than react to it in a heated emotional way. You’ll take a fun, unique quiz about your child’s personality and behavior and learn what the results mean in terms of handling your individual child’s behaviors. What makes your child act out? We will talk about different types of kid personalities and behaviors. We will also talk about different parenting strategies and what strategy works best for you and your child. How do you guide your child to success? I will provide you with some insight in to this question. Finally, I’ll go over two or three things you can do immediately to bring out the positive behavior. There will be plenty of time for discussion and I will be answering questions, so bring your stress and frustration and questions with you!!