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NEW! Introducing Neurofeedback Brain Training!

Dr. Monica Metea joins our team at the Mattapoisett Wellness Center in January providing neurofeedback-based brain training and integrative practices under the umbrella of ReWire Neuroscience.

Modern neuroscience research has shown that we can profoundly change the functional connectivity and ‘rewire’ the brain which in turn can affect our state of mind, attitudes, emotional states, and behaviors. The intrinsic ability of the brain to adapt and change at any age in response to ongoing experiences is called ‘neuroplasticity’.  ReWire Neuroscience harnesses the power of neuroplasticity using the scientifically developed brain training method of neurofeedback.

Neurofeedback training is like going to the gym for your brain. It acts as a mental compass for achieving self-directed states characterized by increased performance and wellbeing.  Many physical and emotional conditions have brain dysregulation at their root, or produce it as a side effect – that is why training the brain towards improved function can complement many traditional approaches.  We use modern techniques targeting and strengthening the brain circuits that are impacted by many conditions such anxiety, attention deficits, PTSD, depression, sleep irregularity, memory loss, and a host of others.

Neurofeedback is also increasingly popular in professional sports and the business community. For business leaders, athletes, and busy professionals, greater efficiency results in less mental energy wasted in keeping composure, over-analyzing, and maintaining emotional control.  An efficient brain can accomplish more, with greater accuracy, in less time. The most successful peak performers have succeeded in optimizing their brain function and removing inner psychological obstacles or negative habits.  Monica offers a meditative and contemplative program to support this aspect of your personal development, which integrates and enhances the neurofeedback training.  These methods were developed by Dr. Judith Blackstone, Ph.D., under a system called the ‘Realization Process’. This system entails meditation, subtle movement techniques, and a process for working with fragmentation and difficult situations.

Consistent brain training results in a state of inner well-being for the individual.  Monica is dedicated to supporting you in achieving realistic goals and directing your motivation and energies towards optimal balance.


Dr. Monica Metea is a neuroscientist with three decades of experience in electrophysiology, the field of neuroscience focused on the electrical signature of the brain’s function and its applications. She is a consultant to companies involved in therapeutic neuroscience research and drug safety. In the field of neurofeedback, Dr. Metea has trained with leading clinicians practicing neurofeedback and qEEG (quantitative EEG) and has conducted novel research in sensory substitution aimed at impaired balance and vision. Her approach to brain training is rigorous and science-driven, within a gentle, holistic, and empathetic framework.


Monica will be available by appointment starting January 2020! She will be offering introductory lectures at the center this winter, on neurofeedback and brain health.


For more information please see her website: https://www.rewireneurosci.com/  or contact her to start your brain training program.