Parenting Coach – Julie Hatch

Julie Hatch

Parenting Coach

Julie is a parenting coach who works with Moms and Dads who are having difficulty with something going on with their kids – usually it is around behavior. Their children’s behavior is causing a lot of stress, friction and frustration at home.

She provides individualized coaching to parents, that addresses each parent’s challenges with their child. When the yelling, punishing, time outs, and the bribery are no longer working, talking to a parenting coach is the next step. Julie shows them how to see their child in a new and different way and to realize that there are other ways to handle behavior other than what they are doing now.

 She helps each parent get to a place of calm and confidence where they are yelling less, smiling more, and feeling that life is getting a whole lot easier.

Julie is a pediatric nurse practitioner of over 30 years, and a mom of three boys.

For a conversation with Julie to talk about what you are struggling with and how she might help, you can contact her by phone: 401-323-4623, or visit her website

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