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Physical Therapy with Kim Meyer-Pelletier

Holistic Physical Therapy for Every Body

Holistic physical therapy is recognizing that the body is, in fact, a series of connections.  The neck connects to the back in a series of physical connections inclusive of muscles and bone. When one area is injured it can lead to pain in another.  Physical and emotional stressors can increase muscle tension, cause other physical symptoms such as digestive issues, headaches, heart palpations, joint pain, and others.  By using very gentle touch and listening to the body it is possible to recognize and rectify the physical, emotional, and spiritual issues that affect the body.

Very gently techniques which may include cranial sacral therapy, visceral mobilization, stretching, process acupressure or relaxation can influence and change the patterns and connections in the body that are causing pain and the inability to do the things you want to do. The trained hand can detect the cause of the pain and very gently release the parts that are influencing others. Treating the cause of the problem and not just the symptoms is paramount to returning to health and full function. Treatment is appropriate for all ages inclusive of newborn for treatment of colic as well as the elderly as well as everyone in between.

Kim is available by appointment at Mattapoisett Wellness Center on Thursdays and Fridays. Call Kim: 860-208-1535

Email: pelletierpt@gmail.com