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Raising a Resilient Child in Times of Adversity

Raising a Resilient Child in Times of Adversity

Date: September 10 
Time: 7pm-8pm 
Cost: $25 

While we can’t make Covid go away, we don’t know when it will end, and we don’t know whether our kids will be at school in person or virtually at home, there are ways to help your child get through these times with greater resilience. The good news is, kids have a natural resilience within them. In this workshop, Julie will be discussing:

1. How to build resilience in kids
2. What kids need to successfully navigate over and around the bumps in the road of life
3. What is the most important thing to do in times of challenge

About the Facilitator: Julie Hatch PNP, L.Ac is a pediatric holistic health practitioner and a parenting coach. She takes her years of experience in Western medicine, blends them with her current practice of Eastern medicine, and helps parents to find new ways to resolve problems, frustrations, and stresses around raising kids. She is a mom of three boys, a pediatric nurse practitioner, a holistic health practitioner, and a parenting expert. This workshop will be interactive so bring your questions and concerns.

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