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Reiki II Certification with Jenn Risio May 31st and June 1st

Are you ready to build on the foundations you created in Reiki Level I? Reiki Level II invites you to connect further to the healing power within you and deepen your experience of the system of Reiki as you continue to bloom from within. This weekend is an opportunity to begin to open yourself to trusting yourself and the Reiki energy whether that is in self-treatments, treating others and in your day to day life. The first evening we will learn and study the 3 Reiki symbols given to you in Level II. This is followed by an attunement (initiation) given by a Reiki Master, awakening your Ki (energy) within. The second day entails: mantra, meditation, partnering up for Reiki healing sessions, journaling, and receiving your certificate of completion. Prerequisite: Completion of Reiki Level 1 It is a fact that some people enjoy Attunements so much that they choose to repeat them. There is no danger in this; it is an enjoy

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