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Relax Breathe Trust

I have missed practicing over the last nearly three months and hope to be returning to working with
clients very soon. During this time, it has become very important for me to use the resources available
to me to remain healthy, gain happiness, and to be grounded and relaxed despite the turmoil
surrounding me. No, I am not employed, family members have lost jobs, acquaintances have become
sick, the road ahead is unmapped. It is at this time that I have employed the acronym RBT, relax,
breathe, trust.
Relaxing has to do with moving away from the fearful thoughts that can enter the mind and refuse to let
go causing stress, lack of sleep, anxiety. This can be felt in the mind and the body. Tension in the
shoulders, neck, gut, back. These fears often have to do with anticipating an uncertain future, or
remembering times in the past. Your life energy gets sucked into living the what ifs. What if I don’t get
a job, what if I get sick, what if ______________? You can fill in those blanks.

The best way to derail the what if bus is to breathe. Breathe deeply and repetitively focusing only on
your breath, noticing sensations in your body, scents that may become apparent, or emotions that may
surface. This simple act of breathing promotes the flow of energy in the body, allows movement of the
ribs and vertebrae, muscles and organs. These all tend to get paralyzed as we lose energy to the past
and future. We can get drained from the loss of this energy. It is important to sit or walk while
breathing deeply. I have taken to sitting in the morning with a cup of coffee overlooking the bay. I sit
with my feet on the ground just being with the wind, water, sun, fog. I watch the birds, hear the wind
and let myself just BE. Then I breathe. Just Breathe (there is a song by Pearl Jam that advocated this).

This relaxation and breathing part are helpful to find your center, the place of stillness and peace. The
place where you can find the TRUST. Trust has to do with the knowing that if we stop demanding
control of a situation there is support, reassurance, connection to something greater than ourselves. As
we calm the mind and body, we can find our spirit. The spirit, the knowing part of ourselves that when
combined with the body and mind is a powerful force that allows us to see new pathways to travel, can
calm the old and new fears that separate us from this amazing healing force within ourselves.
This has been my personal journey over the last 3 months. I am caring for my body and myself, having
my coffee by the bay, and journaling and writing. I have found a very happy creative part of myself that
is beginning to walk a new path finding creativity, change, breathing, exercising, trusting that I am on
path despite the craziness around me.

I have also taken a distance healing class during this work respite. I have learned that I can energetically
connect with someone across the country and help them to find their center, release the blocks that
prevent the amazing unification of the mind, body and spirit that, when integrated, leave us relaxed and
full of potential. This is not something I would have considered pursuing 6 months ago but
extraordinary times bring extraordinary possibilities. I have been amazed at the ability to release muscle
tensions, calm the mind, decrease anxiety and help restore balance to someone from such distances.
This time is one where we have the opportunity to learn more about ourselves, nurture ourselves and to
continue to unite the mind, body and spirit. Use the acronym RBT…..relax, breathe, trust. Stay healthy
and well!!!!

Kim Meyer Pelltier, PT, CST

Holistic Physical Therapist

Contact: Kim 860.208.1535
Email: Healpt@yahoo.com

For more information please visit her website http://www.pelletierphysicaltherapy.com/