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Self Healing Reflexology tips : Common Cold

Well, it’s winter and as I lie on the couch post Super Bowl, basking in our team’s 6th ring, I feel a cold coming on. How can I head it off at the pass, as they say?

I decided to practice what I preach and searched for some of the most useful reflex points for common cold symptoms.   The following protocol is simple, only takes a few minutes and you can do it at home.

Remember, first and most importantly; always use impeccable self care. If you are feeling sick enough to go to the Dr.; please  go to the Dr.

Reflexology is always a wonderful compliment to medical treatment and aids in recovery and healing.

Work the following  points on BOTH of your feet 3-4 times a day at the following times:

  • When you first wake up
  • Either 1 hour before or after lunch
  • At the end of the day (e.g., 5pm)
  • Before going to sleep

Do this for at least two days in a row.  As you start to feel better, you can cut down on the number of times you work your feet but continue for an extra couple of days to help your body fully bounce back from the cold.


The Lungs

The most important reflexology point to work is your lung point. In Chinese Medicine, there’s a direct relationship between the lung meridian and  “cold germs.”

The lung meridian is considered the first barrier to protect the body.

Here’s a diagram of the reflexology area for the lungs. It’s located on the ball of your foot, between the big toe and little toe. The location of the sore points on your feet will correlate to the soreness in your chest.

To work this area, press deeply with your thumbs and when you feel a point that is tender to touch, press even deeper and massage using small circles. Massage the entire lung area, focusing on tender points for a total of one minute per foot.

The Sinuses

The next point in this  protocol is the sinus point.  If your head is feeling stuffy, especially around your sinuses, this is the  point to focus on. There are actually five reflexology points for the sinus on each foot but to keep it simple  let’s focus on the main reflexology point for the sinus.

This point is located on the tip of your big toe on the UNDERSIDE of the toe as highlighted in the diagram on this page. The sinus point is located on the BOTTOM of your big toe.

Use your thumb and forefinger to pinch and rub your big toe. Big thumb against the pad of the big toe.  Do this for about 30 seconds.


The Throat

This reflexology point can help with a sore throat. If your throat is really sore, the slightest pressure on this point may be uncomfortable to touch. It will also work to clear energy blockages in your neck and throat, which will allow your body to heal more quickly.

The tonsil/throat reflexology points are located on TOP of your toe.  There are actually four points, two located side by side on top of each big toe, just below the toe knuckle.

To work these points, make a fist with your hand.  Then place the knuckles of your index and middle finger on top of your big toe, just below the toe knuckle, on either side of the crest of the toe bone.  Turn your wrist back and forth to press on the points with your knuckles.  Do this for about 30 seconds.

 More Throat

Since sore throats are part of the flu this season, here’s another reflexology point for a sore throat.

This  throat point is very easy to locate.  It’s right at the tip of the webbing between your big toe and the second toe.  Use the knuckle of your index finger to massage this point with a digging and twisting. Use your other hand to gently hold the two toes together while you rub this point.  Massage for about 20 seconds.

I hope these tips are helpful. I’m working these points on my feet as I write this..well not exactly as I wrote this. Even as a reflexologist, I can forget to use a simple reflexology protocol to aid my own healing so I’m happy to have stumbled across this simple offering.

I’ll emphasize again, in addition , hydration and rest do wonders for a healthy body, mind and spirit.


Blessings and abundance to all

Lori Howes, CRT,200-RYT- Gentle Soles Reflexology

Contact: Lori 508-685-2195
Email:  lorisurrendered@verizon.net