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What is Sound Healing?

Never been to a Sound Healing? They’ve become more and more popular as of late, and for good reason! People from all walks of life have been discovering the power of sound and music. This is nothing new, for people have used these amazing universal gifts to heal mind, body, and soul for millennia. Makes sense right? Take a second to reflect on how your favorite songs make you feel… Maybe there are some you turn to for relaxation on your way home from work. Some that make you wanna move and dance!

Even some that touch you at the heart when you just need to know someone out there understands what you’re going through. You’ve probably used music as medicine at some point in your life without ever realizing it!

So it’s really a re-discovery if you will. People have been finding the need for new ways to unplug from the stressful overstimulation of our technological world we so easily entrain to. Young people especially succumb to this stress as the generation raised on screen and internet based gadgets that bombard us with harmful EMF’s.
So why a sound healing? Because vibration is one of the most powerful universal tools we can harness to restore health! When various sounds and frequencies are used in harmony with clear intention we can make amazing shifts in consciousness, physical discomfort, and mental/emotional/spiritual distress.
Come see for yourself every Monday night at 6:30pm! Reserve a space here. Drumming, gongs, singing bowls and more, are played while you lay down, relax, and find the mind moving toward a state of peace. Folks who say they “can’t” meditate have gotten up after a sound bath saying this was the most clear headed and relaxed they’d been in as long as they could remember.
If you’re not ready to dive into our Monday night sound baths then come check out a demo this Sunday at the Mattapoisett Wellness Center Open-House. I’d love to answer all your questions and get you walking out super relaxed! See you soon  – Justin Perreault