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Stress and/or Loss as a Motivator for Self Care by Dana Massi, LMHC, LADAC

Most of us do not even like to think about the word stress, however stress is an unfortunate as well as fortunate reality of life. Possible sources of stress include; excessive pressure in life, ( whether or not the source of the pressure is considered positive or negative),  experiencing a change in the course of our life,  experiencing harm or the threat of harm, or we could be experiencing a sense of loss.

Experiencing a sense of loss in our lives can come in many forms and one form is the manifestation of a disconnect. The disconnect can be a separation from one’s true self, (abandonment of self) , broken relationships, lack of relationships, trauma or addiction that presents itself in  the form of ” stress”.

The good news is that whatever the source of the disconnect or stress it can be a catalyst for an increased level of self awareness and self-care.

Often when we are feeling a degree of disconnect we are aware we need to be re connected in some way as the disconnect can manifest as a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual separation or symptom.

As a Holistic Counselor my focus is on “wholeness” or treating the whole person. I  focus on creating a sacred,  safe place that allows for a healing environment to support individuals, couples or families to tap into their innate wisdom and understand what they need in order to reconnect or move towards healing.

You may want to come to a session to assess for either a brief intervention or for a more intensive treatment strategy. Most health insurances are accepted!

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