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Surrender Clutter to Life Flow with Positive Energy – May 19th

Saturday May 19th 1:30-3pm

Join Jennifer Richards of Tapper Richards Interiors, for a workshop on surrendering clutter from our lives. You will leave the session feeling light, empowered and motivated to surrender your own clutter and feel the glorious flow of efficient, stress-free (or at least less-stressful) living!

You will learn about:

– The true effects of housing clutter, and why eliminating it is a worthy effort.
– The benefits of purging clutter from our lives. How does it feel, and what does it look like?
– Learn easy-to-implement, real-life, quick strategies to reduce physical clutter in the home or at work.
– How to handle sensitive issues, such as what to do with heirlooms and gifts as well as how to de-clutter a space you share with a partner or housemate.

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