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Stressed Spelled Backwards Is Dessert

So many people have the same New Year resolution year after year,   “I want to loose weight”.   This desire motivates them to go back to the gym and eat salads for lunch.  When they do not get the desired result they give up, yet again.  The reason they are not […]

A story about the subtleties of Eastern Medicine vs Western Medicine

Article By Julie Hatch LAc. In her book Treatment of Infertility with Chinese Medicine, Jane Lyttleton writes: “ An old Chinese professor friend of mine once compared the two systems [Western and Eastern medicine] figuratively in the following scenario: Imagine our patient is a round table, which in its disease […]

Unsubstantiated Fear

What is holding you back? So many people have no idea of what is preventing them from living the life they really want. You can imagine their relief when they find out unsubstantiated fear is actually a symptom. Fear is the emotion of the kidneys and the bladder, organs associated […]


There is knowledge behind western medicine, there is wisdom behind eastern medicine I am often asked how I decided to go from nursing to practicing acupuncture. In short, two things happened about 15 years ago: 1) I tried acupuncture for my pregnancy induced sciatica which was a huge success, and […]