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Cooking Tips for Quarantine and Beyond

While the novel pandemic has shaken up our lives, perhaps there is a silver lining. On a grander scale, our environment is getting a well-deserved break from the overwhelming amount of pollution. On a smaller scale, we’re cooking more from home. This is not to ignore the amount of stress […]

Using Nutrition to Boost Your Immune System

As we settle into the Winter months here in New England, it might seem like catching a cold or the flu is inevitable! Everyone around you is sick right?! You CAN take steps to arm your body’s immune system during these closed in months and give yourself the best support […]

Welcome Jessica Stephens to the Mattapoisett Wellness Center!

Jessica Froh Stephens B.S., FNTP, FAS (Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Functional Assessment Specialist) Jessica is a mother of 4 and has been coaching gymnastics for 12 years. She has been a successful coach and mentor for hundreds of families. Her love of coaching and wellness has led to a passion […]