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Wellness Tips that Support Mental Health

Breathe – No matter what the situation, mood, circumstance, problem – Breathe. It doesn’t have to necessarily be a deep breath or a long breath. Just breathe. Breath nourishes the body mind and soul. Gratitude – Feeling Grateful is sometimes very simple and other times, not so much. Depending on […]

‘Leave’ Raking Back Pain behind with these 7 tips

Autumn brings colder weather, fall sports, and colorful foliage on the trees. The changing season also brings new chores and outdoor work, along with the potential for injuries while accomplishing these tasks. Leaf raking is one such task, with injuries ranging from strained back muscles to twisted knees. The following […]

11 Ways to Wellness

Article by Jessica Cavaco Dagnello, LMT,CPT I always tell my clients that being healthy isn’t just about doing yoga or eating plants, viewing wellness,. Including stress relief, from a holistic perspective is super important. Following the below philosophies helps clients and me feel lighter and happier in the day-to-day. 1 Nourish […]