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Thai Yoga Massage

Thai Yoga Massage is a dynamic bodywork therapy that originated 2,500 years ago in the temples of Thailand.  This healing art is based upon the roots of yoga and the Indian traditions of Ayurvedic medicine.

 This form of bodywork is performed on a dense, memory foam mat on the floor, in loose comfortable clothing. The practitioner guides the client through a series of yoga postures and gentle stretching, while palming and thumbing along the body’s Sen (energy) lines and marma (pressure points). Together these actions result in a comprehensive full body treatment that will do the following:

o   Relieve muscular tension

o   Improve circulation of the blood and lymph

o   Strengthen the immune system

o   Balance the body by unblocking and dispersing energy

The focus of the practitioner is to transfer metta, unconditional compassion and kindness, through touch.  Thai Yoga Massage is a moving meditation, a dance between practitioner and recipient.

 Sandra is a Licensed Massage Therapist in Massachusetts and did her Thai Yoga Massage Certification through Lotus Palm at the Kripalu School of Yoga.  She is currently booking clients at the Mattapoisett Wellness Center for Thai Yoga Massage as well as Therapeutic Massage, Deep Tissue and Cupping Therapy.

For an appointment Contact Sandra at (508) 863 – 9936SandraSadhanaYoga@gmail.com or by visiting www.SandraSadhana.com

“Sandra’s touch is incredibly conscious.  Deeply connected to her clients needs, subtle reactions and energy and has a masterful manipulation with massage that will have anyone fully surrender and turn to putty.  As a Spa owner and massage instructor for over 17 years I am fussy about so much from touch to energy to modifications that it is often hard to find a therapist mindful and skilled enough to meet my needs and wants.  I am blessed to have been treated by Sandra and wished she lived closer.  Well worth making the journey for this therapist, Namaste.”

–       Stephie. London, Ontario.