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Thawing Out with Dana Massi LMHC, LADAC

I was in the yard the other day.

The other day when the sun felt like it could really warm the air for the first time this year.

I stopped long enough to hear a song bird sing a song to Spring.  It kept my attention long enough to ponder…

Maybe Spring is on the way after all.

It seems that somehow I had forgotten that winter is after fall

That logic would then suggest that Spring is born from winter and soon after Summer calls.

Sunlight and a sense of well-being.

Maybe we could all use some thawing out

If you are feeling frozen or stuck in perpetual doing or repeating resentments, feeling rushed or enraged. It may be time for some balance. Caring for yourself properly includes making the space In time, the daily grind, to pause, and listen to yourself, your true self…

Holistic Counseling can provide that space.

A place that allows for emotional/spiritual freedom.

Incorporating; Mind, Body and Spirit.


Please feel free to call or email.

Dana Massi
Holistic Counselor
(508) 353-8901