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The Importance of Going Outside

Self Care Challenge – Day 13


by Julie Hatch


I find that going for a walk outside is really important in my practice of self care. I prefer to go to the woods where the air is clear, the noise is distant and I am surrounded by the smells and sounds of nature The same is true for walking on the beach. I walk for an hour not only for exercise but also to clear my mind and to connect to the earth. Time outside in nature is therapy for me – it boosts my spirits, it boosts my immunity, it reduces my stress, and all of that fresh air is good for my heart and lungs, and I love it!. The negative ions found in nature (which are good ions) have been shown to improve physical and mental health. Even when I’m tired and would rather be reading a good book on the couch, (especially on a gray winter day) once I get up and go outside for my walk, I feel energized and so much better than if I’d stayed on the couch! The outside air in nature, filled with these negative ions reduces my drowsiness, and the result is higher alertness and more mental and physical energy. And it’s so easy – it’s right outside my door, (or a short drive away), I can access it anytime and it’s free!