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The Importance of Morning Meditation

Day 3 – Self Care Challenge
One of the best things I can do in taking care of myself is morning meditation. I start most
mornings by getting out of bed early enough to have some quiet time to myself. I have a special chair I sit in that overlooks my back yard out to the ocean – a perfect spot to relax and tune in. I find that meditation does a number of positive rejuvenating things for me. It gives me the chance to clear and quiet my mind, and to tune in to the universe.
Many times, if I sit long enough and quietly enough, answers come to me during meditation. Sometimes I listen to a guided meditation and sometimes I just sit with a quiet mind and an open heart. At the end of my meditations I practice a few minutes of gratitude so that I can remind myself of the bigger picture of life; that no matter my worries or concerns, there is so much more out there to be grateful for and life is full of abundance. In these moments I focus on the abundance around me rather than a feeling of lack or want. After this time of meditation my mind is clear and I get out of my chair feeling light, and calm, and open – and ready for the day!
– Julie Hatch  – Licensed Acupuncturist and Parenting Mentor
juliehatch@hotmail.com  401-323-4623.