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Waking up in the New Year

Day 2 – Self-Care Challenge
Happy New Year everyone !!
As I think about our self care challenge, I’m reminded of a challenge someone put to me at a conference a few months ago. I happened to be talking about a physical concern I had and he said:
…”..When you wake up every morning, before you do anything else, drink a glass of water and then say:
Good morning  body… I love you and I am going to take good care of you today. I will feed you the healthy fuel you need and give you rest you when you ask. Today we are healthy and strong, and  thank you for carrying me through this day .” He then said, “Call me in 30 days and tell me if anything changes…’”
That’s it..
Seems simple, doesn’t it? Almost like it wouldn’t make a difference? As a health care and yoga practitioner, I generally love having the conversation about being present in our bodies, but having  the conversation is a lot different than putting it to practice; not for a day, but every day. It’s like prayer, for those of you who pray. We make conscious contact with the God of our understanding with a desire to focus on God’s desire for our day.
With this challenge, I’m asking you to make conscious contact with your body, the holder of your soul, in order to listen to its desire for your day.
This is  what I’m challenging you to do.   Say those simple words every morning for 30 days. Maybe keep a journal of what happens every day, even when you feel resistance, just notice and do it anyway. I will do it with you and would love to hear how it’s going anytime in the process.
Contact me : lori@gentle-soles.com
We can do this!! Start the year off right. This could be an opportunity to spend less time in your head and more time listening to your body’s wisdom.
“Nothing, in all of the Universe is more delicious than to be in this physical body allowing the fullness that is you to be present in the moment.”  Abraham-Hicks
Blessings and abundance in the new year! Listen in and remember that YOU are an unrepeatable miracle!
Certified Reflexologist