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How to Welcome Self Empowerment by Justin Perreault, ABT,CMT – Asian Bodywork and Alternative Therapies

As a practitioner of energy medicine I’ve come to view all things as vibration and frequency. Literally all things in the universe are vibrating, at all times, no matter how static an object may appear. From physical illness to our thoughts and emotions, everything carries a specific expression of energy and sensation that can be felt when we choose to be present within ourselves moment to moment. We must simply tap into what I’ve come to know as our “Feeling Awareness”.  A large part of what I do as a practitioner is to get my clients to start this process for themselves, for when we engage in this kind of awareness a whole new world can open up for us. One heading in the direction of overall health and happiness, but also that of self empowerment.

This is what I would love for all of you to try; think about and feel throughout your body the vibration and energy of a memory welcoming friends, family, and loved ones into your home. The joy and love of a heartfelt embrace as they arrive. Bring yourself there intimately in your mind. If you’ve struggled with relations in your life try and imagine what that energy might feel like so that you can invite it in.

Now, think about something (or things) you find resistance to and see if you can maintain that same sense of openness and “welcoming” energy for your challenges. Bring in the understanding that these challenges are stepping stones on our path of personal growth and a direct route to emotional freedom as we let go to what simply “is” and “welcome” our opportunity to learn from these experiences. Feel the difference between what it was like to resist vs welcome and try and set up a remembering of this energy throughout the body. Now every time you know you’ll encounter these challenges you can bring forth that welcoming energy and eliminate your resistance! We can have Gratitude for our challenges when we welcome them, and this is one of the highest vibrational emotions we can heal our body with. This may take practice of course, and the willingness to be present with ones thoughts and emotions moment to moment without giving in to our typical reactions so deeply ingrained over years of habit.

If you would like assistance with this you can of course always pay me a visit at our wellness center, or drop into a Sacred Sound Healing meditation! I’m always happy to bring any and all the emotional and physical freedom that comes with this kind of work. It is truly life changing!

Justin Perreault

Contact: Justin 508.493.1297
Email: tuina99@gmail.com