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Wellness Tips that Support Mental Health 

Breathe –  No matter what the situation, mood, circumstance,  problem –  Breathe. It doesn’t have to necessarily be a deep breath or a long breath. Just breathe. Breath nourishes the body mind and soul.
Gratitude – Feeling Grateful is sometimes very simple and other times, not so much. Depending on our life circumstances, our mood, thoughts or attitude. If you can find one  person, thing, memory, to be grateful for, it can often create a moment of joy.
Some time ago,  a friend of mine asked me to participate in a nightly ritual of sending each other 3 things we are grateful for each night. Since that time I have been doing this as well as asking other friends to join in. It is amazing how a day, a moment or an hour  of frustration,  negativity or lack of purpose can turn into a feeling of hopefulness and contentment, as well as a sense of connection with others.
Low Energy/Depression– Breathe -Stand up and reach up, stretching towards the sky. Jump up. Move around/ dance around.  Low energy and depression are generally felt as stagnation, feeling stuck or unhappy.  Reaching up or out, moving around helps to move stagnant energy, thoughts and emotions. It helps to kickstart moving forward and upward as opposed to downward .
Anxiety/Stress/Difficulty Focusing– Breath- Lay down on the ground,  bed, couch etc.. continue to breathe and try to have your mind follow your breath inhaling and exhaling.  Feel the surface below you. Let your mind scan your body for any tension, pain or holding in the muscles.  Breath.
Drink Water 
Movement or exercise. Even if it is only a little. Your body and mind will appreciate the break.
Aromatherapy– Get a scent/ oil that you like and spray it or diffuse it in your living or working area. Aromatherapy has evidenced based results that shows it can help reduce Anxiety and Depression as well as numerous other benefits.
Clean your car – knowing you have done something for yourself can boost your self-esteem.  Especially when depressed or feeling lack of purpose,  doing something that shows we care about ourselves can shift our mood and focus.
Do something for someone else – sometimes when all we think about is ourselves, our problems and what we do not have,  doing something for someone else can shift our thinking to a broader vision. It can be as simple as holding the door for someone without an expectation of a thank you.
Or calling/emailing/texting, etc.. someone and letting them know you are thinking of them.
Meditate – There are many apps that provide guided meditation of all different types and length of time. If you can’t sit and meditate,  walk and meditate.  Simply focus your thoughts on your surroundings.  The trees, clouds, birds, sidewalks etc…
Dana Massi LMHC, LADAC
Holistic Therapist