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Why Energy Work is Good for you

Energy healing is holistic practice that activates the body’s subtle energy systems to remove blocks, in doing so one has the ability to heal itself. These blocks can happen from past trauma that lie dormant but can cause underlining
health issues. Especially during these times when we have a pandemic going on the stresses of it all can play a toll on your well-being. Its important to not let it overwhelm you. I too have a hard time coping with all that is going on in the world but know this time is temporary and it will pass.

Mankind has been studying energy work with the body for thousands of years. One such modality is called Reiki. This is a Japanese tradition of energy healing, and dates back to the early 20 th century. I’ve been practicing Reiki now for 10 years and have had my Reiki Master Attunement. The intention with Reiki is to create deep relaxation, to help speed healing, reduce pain and decrease other symptoms you may be experiencing.

Along with Reiki I bring my own unique style of energy work. My mentors have called it “Enokian Healing”, Enokian or Enochian is translated as the “Language of the Angels”. I was born with a unique gift and have performed what some have called miracles. At the young age of 9 I told my mom I believe I am not from here and that I will save her life someday. This was something that I was not brought up to believe in being a Jehovah’s Witness at the time. Well 10 years goes by and my mom got Acute Respiratory Disease or ARDS. This disease is very similar to the COVID virus we are seeing now in that it inflames the lungs with this strange type of fluid. My mother flat lined three times at Toby Hospital in Wareham, MA. She was then transported to New England Medical Center where she was put into an induced coma on full life support. The doctors could not get the
fluid out of her lungs. They pumped 14 kilos of medicine into her trying everything they could to save her life. I knew this was my calling. I went into the room not knowing what would happen but that when I walked out of the room my mother would be healed had the urge to place my hands on her chest and all the sudden felt
this huge blast of electricity go through the top of my head down my arms to my fingertips into my mom! All her vitals on the machines spiked instantly and I felt very disoriented. I gave my mom a kiss and had to go home feeling nauseous. That night I started to expel this weird flemmy like substance out of my mouth. It wasn’t mucus had a different look to it. A couple hours later my mom is sitting up in a chair completely healed from her disease!

She did have to learn how to walk and write again from being in the coma for over a week but the disease was
instantly gone and doctors could not explain it. I then knew this was my calling and it has been a journey ever since! Each client varies with what they feel but many say it feels electric and calming all at the same time. Some even brought to tears with what they are experiencing when I work on them.

Now is probably one of the best times to come and see me! Let go of all your troubles and let me help set your mind free. With over 20 years of experience in energy healing, I can help you open up your chakras and balance oneself.

Eddie Enokian LMT
Reiki Master/Energy Worker
Enokian Energy Healing